Murder Mystery in New Orleans

October 15-20, 2022


Murder Mystery U.S.A

Sunnyland Travel Center is embarking on a trip to New Orleans! And the highlight of the tour? MURDER…. Can you figure out who the killer is?

Join us for an action-packed Halloween tour. Our first day will be spent travelling to Batesville, Mississippi where we will tour a haunted Mansion before resting our heads for the night. The next morning, we will head out to New Orleans. Once there, we will start our Murder Mystery while we spend the next few days in the town of voodoo, jazz, and history. You will enjoy visits to extraordinary museums and the Jazz filled streets of New Orleans all while trying to figure out “Who Done it!” in true sleuth fashion. Day 4, after solving the murder mystery, we will start our trip back home. Along the way, we will be stopping in Graceland for a VIP Tour of the King and his property! As we enjoy the ride home following a trip of murder, mystery, and mansions to kick off this Halloween season, make your plans for the next delightful tour.  


Double – $1,495 pp

Single – $1,895

Triple – $1,395 pp

Quadruple – $1,335 pp

Deposit: $50 pp (due at time of booking)

Final Payment due September 2, 2022

Since 1985 Keith & Margo’s murder mystery weekend has offered a thrilling opportunity for people with a passion for cold blooded murder, slippery red herrings, diabolical clues, and creative detective work to immerse themselves in one of the most unusual, interactive, and spine-tingling experiences ever!

Imagine you are at your hotel enjoying a beautifully prepared dinner when suddenly… a shot rings out and the person sitting next to you keels over, dead!

Complete with clues, twists and turns, an ingenious plot starts to unravel during the mystery weekend as you then start to track a killer, or killers, all played by incognito actors in the group masquerading as guests.

To your surprise, beginning with the festivities on Friday evening and continuing through Sunday Brunch, you just might find yourself turning from “star witness” to “leading suspect.”

At the end of the weekend, after investigating and collecting all the clues and interviewing your favorite suspects, you have the chance to hand in your solution and prove motive, means and opportunity, not only to clear your own name but to show everyone that all that crime shows watching did not go to waste.

Join Sunnyland as we head to New Orleans for this thrilling Murder Mystery experience! This is one tour you sure don’t want to miss!