Escorted Tours:
You can make your reservation in one of two ways:
You can make a “soft” booking from this website.  We will call you to confirm the booking and get your payment information at that time.  For your protection, we do not take any credit card information through this website.  We also accept your personal check or cash as a form of payment. Call our office at (800) 283-0404 for outside the Springfield, MO area or (417) 864-4444 within the Springfield area.

Deposits and Final Payments

Deposits are due within 10 days of making your reservation along with any Trip Protection purchased. We accept cash, checks, and Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express credit cards. Please note that all payments made with a credit card come with a 3.5% convenience fee. You may pay your deposit with a credit card over the phone. Unless otherwise stated in our catalog, the deposit amount is $100 per person plus the trip protection. All deposits and payments made toward a tour are considered non-refundable after the final payment due date and are forfeited upon cancellation regardless of the cause for cancellation. Travel Insurance programs assist in covering against potential loss of deposits and/or payments and are strongly encouraged.

Air, Cruise, Rail Tours and/or Motorcoach Tours with Cruises:
Deposit amounts and final payment dates are subject to supplier policies (cruise lines, etc.) for these particular tours. Please call Sunnyland Travel for this information.

Trip Protection – Escorted Tours

Sunnyland Travel Center offers Trip Protection for Motorcoach tours through a variety of travel insurance companies. Travel Protection policies afford you the benefit of a cash refund less premiums paid, plus other benefits including medical assistance.  For medical coverage on any tour, the purchase of outside independent travel insurance is strongly encouraged.

Travel Insurance for Cruise and Fly Away tours may be offered through the supplier and is subject to the terms and conditions of the suppliers insurance provider.

Responsibility: Sunnyland Travel Center acts only as your agent in arranging various accommodations and assumes no responsibility or liability in connection with the service of any other conveyance. We are not responsible for loss or injury in connection with sightseeing, excursions, restaurants, foods, or liquids, hotel accommodations or loss of any personal item or baggage. The airlines, coach companies or other transportation concerned are not to be held responsible for acts, omissions or events during the time passengers are not on board. We reserve the right to make alterations in a tour should it become necessary without penalty to the operator and to cancel any tour prior to departure and shall be responsible for only those refunds of payments paid by said tour participants. Sunnyland reserves the right to reject or terminate the itinerary of any tour participant whom the management may consider disruptive to the operation of the tour.

How much walking and/or stairs should I expect?

Our tours are designed to keep walking to a minimum, but differ with the amount of walking required.  Many historic buildings and homes only have stairways to reach another floor.  At a minimum you should be able to walk at least two regular size blocks and easily navigate the stairs on the motor coach.  You are welcome to bring a wheelchair, provided you have a traveling partner that is able to set-up and push the chair for you.  For tours with a great deal of walking, you may want to consider renting an electric scooter to assist in your mobility.

1-Sneaker (1)

Low Activity – Must be able to get on and off the motor coach without assistance, which requires multiple steps  – Minimum Walking 2 Blocks

2-Sneaker (1)

Moderate Activity – A possibility of uneven terrain (cobblestones, gravel, etc) – Minimum Walking 4 Blocks

3-Sneaker (1)

High Activity – Some inclines with additional steps, a possibility of no elevators in attractions – Must be able to walk 1 mile

Passports & Visas

Passports are required if you are traveling to any foreign country. Generally, they are required if you are flying or traveling by ship; or in the case of Canada or Mexico, traveling by car. Passports for adults are good for 10 years. You can apply for them at your local main post office. In Springfield, MO. that post office is located at 500 W Chestnut Expressway. Their phone number is (417) 864-0100. If you are applying for a passport for the first time, you must file in person.
To apply for the first time, you will need a completed passport application, birth certificate, passport picture and general family information. Passport pictures are available at many places, but we have found Walgreens, CVS and FedEx stores to be the most reasonably priced and expedient.
Click here for more information on applying for a passport.

Some countries require US citizens to have a visa to travel to their country. The requirements vary widely by country. Sunnyland Travel will be able to help you with obtaining your visa for a fee. Please contact one of our travel consultants for information on your visa requirements and the costs associated with obtaining your particular visa.

Independent Travel

All travel and tour companies have different policies with regard to reservations, cancellations, payment terms and age requirements. Please consult with your travel consultant for the policies related to your form of travel. Call one of our friendly agents and use the contact form on this website asking for a return call at a convenient time for you.